Monday, February 21, 2011

Because I am a Nerd . . .

I registered for the T.emple Grandlin's upcoming presentation in Bran.son!  YAY!  I have heard her speak before, but she is bringing her mother for this presentation and I am ECSTATIC!! I come by my nerdiness naturally considering my mother is also going.  Another positive is that it meets the requirements I need to maintain my certification.

I also want to thank Alison at Giggly Girl Designs for our new look.  You can click on her blinkie on the side of my page to check out her work.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Thanks for our new look Alison!!  

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Soap Box

When I started this blog I did so with the intention of moving forward.  The past few years have been difficult for us.  Yes,  I am an infertile.  I am one of the lucky ones.  Only 40% of infertile couples that move on to IVF are successful.

Dealing with infertility is publicly taboo.  It is not a topic that I have been comfortable sharing with many in my day-to-day life.  Over the course of our infertility struggle, I connected with other women suffering from the same issues across the country.  In doing so, some of us have had success and others are still dealing with the daily struggle.  With that being said, one of those friends I have made posted an article on her FB page--  huffingtonpost.  I am posting this article because I would encourage everyone to read it.  Whether or not you or someone you know has suffered from infertility, it gives you a glance at what it is like for those of us that do.  Please be mindful of others and educate yourself before making rash comments.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Souper Bowl Sunday!

Ah, what a wonderful day it was filled with family, celebration, and shoes!

Liam officially reached the five month mark on Sunday.  He is growing way too quickly for me.  I look at how much he can do now and it amazes me daily!  He is such a happy baby giggling, smiling, and talking up a storm. He is not quite reading novels yet, but we are continuing with our daily reading lesson.  He is pretty entertained, but is easily distracted; I am hoping his inattentiveness is not the prelude to what is to come.  Chris and I are both easily distracted at times, so I guess he has no chance.  We had to stop his rice cereal a couple of weeks ago, so we are a little behind on table foods.  Needless to say, he started oatmeal on Sunday, so we are hoping for better results.  Thus far, he really is pretty disinterested.

Everything goes in his mouth

Seriously, everything goes in his mouth.  Even his dad's cup.

Super Bow.l Sunday also resulted in some fabulous shoe shopping for me :-)  I am so excited about my purchases!

Honestly I rarely wear heels, but they were too awesome to pass up.  Now if we could only get rid of this snow .  .  . at least we got to finish the day with some fabulous beef stew thanks to Carolyn!