Sunday, June 5, 2011

Little Lobsters

Every spring, we in the Cousin's household like to partake in a little crawfish fun.  We have now officially hosted a Louisiana themed party four years now.  We have learned many things over the past two years and will hopefully continue the tradition.

The first year we scheduled our party for early April; ended in snowy coldness.  Not so fun.  The second year (late April) there was a torrential down-pour.  Not so fun.  The third year (early May) = PERFECT weather.  SO MUCH FUN!  And this year did not disappoint.  We had to move the date back this year because of tons of other stuff going on, but it was a great way to celebrate Memorial Day weekend.  Another addition this year - Cajun names.  I highly recommend a name change for such fantastic events.

Moral of the story, later spring is the best time of the year to enjoy little lobsters!

Some of the goodies needed to produce awesomeness!

Leroy and I (Alexandrine) enjoying the day
One of the many rounds of crawfish goodness

Jake enjoying the day

*Attempted to upload a pic specifically of the little lobsters and had no luck.

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